Monday, April 5, 2010

Reflections for the MA Program

ShaferS With a little over a month to go in the MA Program, I encourage you to reflect on just how far you have come in nine short months. Think about what you accomplished in your Action Learning Projects, the Excel and general modeling skills you developed in your Quantitative Business Modeling course, and how much better you understand the job search process.

In addition to establishing new friendships that for some of you may last the rest of your life, you have come a long way toward developing a solid foundation in the fundamental of business.  

With the weather turning warmer and the light at the end of the tunnel fast approaching, I challenge each of you to raise your intensity and finish out the program with everything you have.  It saddens me to report that in the last couple of weeks I have heard more negative comments from faculty and staff about the MA Program than positive comments which has definitely not been the norm. For example, I have had reports of large numbers of students missing classes, apathy on the part of MA students for attending events, students not responding to email, students being disrespectful of one another, and even a MA student who cancelled an interview with an on-campus recruiter the day of the scheduled interview. All of these reflect poorly on the MA Program.  Through the MA Program, you are making a substantial investment in yourself. There is a insidious disease lurking called Seniorititis.  Don’t let it shortchange the investment you are making in your personal development. 

Finally, in closing if your team has not already lined up a time to meet with me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, please do so at your earliest convenience.

~Scott Shafer

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