Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charlotte Event Focuses on Women in Leadership

Students and alumni of Wake Forest University gathered last week at the Charlotte center for “In the Wake of Success: A Woman’s Guide to the Top,” an event focused on building an effective network and achieving work-life balance. The evening included small group break-out sessions followed by a panel discussion, both featuring successful professional women serving as guides.
After group sessions concluded, all attendees converged in a classroom for a panel discussion. Maria Henson, who led a distinguished newspaper career and is now an associate vice president at Wake Forest and editor-at-large of Wake Forest Magazine, moderated. One topic panelists addressed was the relationship between mentors and mentees.
“Live in your current job really well,” said Melanie Lankau, senior associate dean of graduate programs and diversity and inclusion and an associate professor of organizational behavior. Mentors like to see evidence of competence in mentees before they begin mentoring them, she said.
For some of the 80 or so women who turned out to hear the small group leaders and panelists, it was a first opportunity to see the new Wake Forest Charlotte Center. Others had been to the January grand opening or another event at the center.
For more coverage of the event, visit here.

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