Friday, September 2, 2011

Wake Forest To Launch Unprecedented Retail Marketing Center!

Indoor sketch of new Farrell Hall, future home of the Center for Value Delivery Innovation

Attention all you Retail Marketers!

The Wake Forest Schools of Business are poised to become a leader in retail marketing development, with the launch of the Center for Value Delivery Innovation (CVDI) in 2012! The center is a joint collaboration between the Wake Forest Schools of Business and Inmar Inc., a leading provider of technology-driven data analysis solutions.

The Center will serve as a collaborative link between the retail industry and academia, attracting students, faculty, and professionals alike to participate in events, workshops, and training for marketing management. Students will have direct access to the center, providing opportunities to connect and network with companies, participate in new and innovative projects, and learn about current trends in retail marketing!

“Thanks to the Center, our students will get the opportunity to learn and have an immediate impact on the retail industry,” said Roger Beahm, Wake Forest Graduate Schools of Business Professor of Practice, who also serves as the faculty advisor to the Wake Forest Marketing Summit.

The official CVDI Kick-Off Event will take place during next year’s 22nd Annual Marketing Summit Competition, which will begin here at Wake Forest on February 16-18, 2012. The new Center will be located within Farrell Hall, the brand new Graduate Business School building scheduled to open next year!

For more information, check out the official press release:

And be sure to check out the Facebook Page! The site is constantly buzzing, complete with contests, prizes, up-to-date information, and opportunities for page members to influence future CVDI programs and events!

For more information on the Marketing Summit Competition, check out:

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