Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Group Looks to Form Skydiving Club

Breathe a breath of fresh air from 16,000 feet.

Learn what it means to live! My name is Anna, and I represent the an interest group in the process of starting a skydiving club. Our group wants to invite everyone to learn about skydiving, have the opportunity to try it,and hopefully realize why it means so much to us! For those of you with a competitive side, come learn about the competitive aspects of skydiving!

An interest meeting will be held in Green 308 at 7 pm on Sunday, March 20! The group has given more than 20 people the opportunity for their first jump! We would be excited to give you that opportunity as well!  All experience levels are welcome! The meeting will cover information such as:

  • Jump Prices
  • Jump Location
  • Jump & Activity Dates
  • Goals for the Club
  • Petition Signing
  • Competitive Aspects

We really hope to see everyone there! If you are interested please fill out the attached spread sheet and join the Facebook group. Come Fly With Us!

Here is what some of the current members had to say about what skydiving has meant to them:

" The experience of skydiving was a chance for me to do what I always wanted to do but never really thought possible.  It meant that anything can be done and it was a sense of freedom from everything … including gravity!"

~ Chris Garcia '14

"It taught me how to let go and enjoy something out of the ordinary. It made me feel weightless and powerful too … my favorite part was seeing the ground beneath me from the sky … we were actually in the sky … it makes you believe anything is possible"

~ Porscha Street '13

"It's crossing that line between just experiencing life or actually living it! For me skydiving is like the taste of life on the tip of my tongue, and one I'll never get enough of!"

~ Bailey Stinson

Thanks, Skydive Club Interest Group

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