Monday, February 14, 2011

Director's Corner: Sharing Wake With the World

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in the Marketing Summit. Roger Beahm; co-chairs Joy Fuller, Jen Stoner and Ryan McBreen; the executive committee and every student, alumnus, staff member and faculty member who participated in last weekend’s events should be extremely proud! You all put on a wonderful event and it spoke volumes about Wake Forest University!

Over the next few months, many of you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about your experience at Wake Forest with the outside world. Each year at this time, students and alumni will begin to receive requests to complete surveys about their graduate program. One of these surveys, from GMAC, is for internal purposes. It asks questions about every aspect of the program and then compares WFU with other participating schools. We really need this data to understand how we’re doing internally so that we can improve. First-year MBA students will receive a survey which asks you about your core curriculum ~ this is equally important for continuous improvement.

Most of the other requests you will receive, both now and when you are an alumnus, will be for external audiences. These surveys represent your opportunity to share your experiences at Wake Forest with the outside world. We take all of these surveys very seriously and hope you will too. Your participation is vital ~ in fact, we will not even be able to participate in the rankings if we do not get a sufficient response from our students and alumni. So, please, take these surveys seriously and consider them an important part of your responsibility as a student at Wake Forest. When you receive the email, go ahead and fill out the survey. Remind your friends, teammates and colleagues about the importance of completing their surveys too so that we get an adequate response rate.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this important process!

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